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The Right Type of Moving Insurance for Your Needs

When moving, you need to know if the company that offers moving services has insurance available. Moving insurance can secure and protect your things and equipment. You can benefit reimbursement or a replacement of your damaged, lost or broken stuffs. Here are the options of moving insurance available for you.
Types of Moving Insurance
1. Full Value Protection
This insurance gives you the option to have your articles repaired, replaced or refunded through cash settlement. The total cost to be given will be determined by the moving company and not by your own estimate. There is a limit when it comes to the liability of loss or damage. You need to ask the company regarding this.
2. Released Value
This one provides only minimal protection to secure your belongings. If items are broken or damaged, they can be settled based on the weight of each. This option has no extra charge added but provides very small compensation.
Types of Homeowners Insurance
1. Full Replacement Value - Valued Inventory
This insurance is for movers who will be relocated from one state to another or other country. This also applies if you move within the local state you are in. Hence, wherever you move, you can avail this type of insurance. The cost of articles to be refunded will be based on the value used at the new location.
2. Full Replacement Value - Lump Sum
This one is only offered for Interstate and International shipments. It means the mover is eligible to get this insurance if he moves from one state to another state or country. Moving within the same state does not apply here. You get the benefit of insurance coverage based on the total declared value or lump sum of transporting your belongings. It's important that you include the value of your articles in the total declared value list.