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Packing Your Living Room when Moving to Maida Vale

Who says that are impossible things. You are planning to move to the London city and are told that you will not be able to hear your own thoughts from the noise, will be stuck in the traffic forever and at the same time pay a fortune to live miles away from your work – do not believe them. They may say so, because they have never lived in Maida Vale. This is an area part of the west end of the city, which besides all other attractions will make you feel like you are visiting Venice at the same time. The so-called Little Venice is the spot we are talking about. This is a part where three streets are meeting in the south region of the neighborhood and are facing the Browning’s Pool. It is a nice channel, which took the name of a poet, living in the area and is connecting at some point with the Grand Union Channel. This and other sites like the cafes, theatres and many nice flat buildings are making the southern part of the neighborhood premium residential area in this part of the capital.

  One more thing is making the area famous and these are the BBC Studious, situated nearby. The building is located on Delaware Road and is one of the first estates of the company, that it owned from many years now. It has so long and interesting history, that it was one of the main broadcasting centers during the years of the World War II.

   So it is obvious that you are going to a nice part of the city. But right now you are looking for advice from where to start with the preparations the most common answer will be the rooms that you use less. So maybe the guest room, closets and any other similar spaces in the house will be a good point to start from.

All opinions will agree on one topic – the living room should be the last to be packed. This is because as you can see from the name it is the room where we spend most of our time so there should be the things which we need most. They have to be the last to pack and the first to unpack.

  So here you are in the middle of your living room, wondering where to start from and how you could put so many things inside one room at the first place. Start from the upper part by taking everything that hangs on the walls like pictures, accessories and everything like that. Take them carefully and use the moment to remove the dust as you do that. You can do the same with your curtains, which should also be taken down at this stage of the preparation. Vacuum them with the lowest setting of your vacuum cleaner, incase you are not planning to wash them before put them into the packages.

  Take some time to look the room for lamps and any other small stuff that is on this level of the living room. Pack them as well.

  After you are done with all the small things that are outside the drawers, you can start looking behind the doors of the furniture and empty every shelf and drawer, so the bigger stuff will be easily dissembled after that. This is the time when you will find many useless things inside the drawers. Do not hesitate to get rid of them at this stage of the packing. When you have forgotten that you have them, then when you are going to need them after?

If you have sorted everything and packed the necessary stuff then you can consider the ob done.