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Getting Accurate Quotes from Movers

You've done your research, poured over dozens of possible movers, glossed over basic fees, and have thus narrowed your search base to a few suitable and promising moving outfits. It's time to take things to the next level by assessing their experience and capabilities, and having them directly quote the move you are planning on doing.
Getting an accurate quote is important so that you will be able to budget your money well. However, not all companies give accurate quotes and it is not unheard of for movers to be faced with additional fees that need to be paid other than the initial quote. Often, the people who move fail to indicate everything that needs to be done, which leads the removal company's assessor to give an inaccurate quote. So, it is important to always give the assessor as many details as possible so that he or she will be able to give at least a close estimate to what you'll be paying in the end. Also, do not forget to ask for any extra fees that they might charge so that you will be ready when the final bill comes.
Also try to ask the removal company's representative about his / her company, how long has it been in business, and other basic questions so that you can gauge the outfit's capacity to pull off your move in an efficient manner.