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What's Your Packing Strategy for Less Stressful Removals?

Planning is essential if you want to make your move less stressful. First you need to plan your packing and then you have to plan how you are going to do the actual moving.
First separate the things you need and those you will bring from those you must get rid of. Discard everything you don't need anymore. Take note of the things you need to put in a storage facility as well. Begin packing with the things you will not need until the day of the move. And end with the things that you most need every day. These things should be placed in an essential box or bag so you will have easy access to them on the day of the move until you get to your new home. Make sure you label the boxes' destination and contents for easier unloading and unpacking.
The essential box should contain toiletries, food and drinks, set of clothes for two days and your other essentials. It would be better if each family member has this to ensure each has everything he needs without having to rummage through all the boxes on the first day of your stay in your new home. You would not go hungry on your first day there and you won't even have to begin unpacking until the next day.  This way you would not be very rushed so the stress would be minimized as well.