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The First 7 Things To Do Before Moving In

You are moving. You have successfully packed and loaded and transported all your possessions to your new residence. However, before you actually start moving in, there are several details to be taken into account and done. Read below to know more

After the first, surely more difficult and more demanding part of the moving process is done, you might consider yourself ready to start moving in. So far so good, but to do your job as a good newcomer, you have to take care of several particularities. Be warned that some of them should have been prepared in advance! It's always in the proper preparation, my uncle, loves to say. And he is an army major.   

1. Find  a parking spot
This one you have to had arranged in advance. Don't underestimate that particular detail! Finding an available parking spot in near proximity of the residence should be almost impossible, if you haven't reserved it. Note, that a moving van or lorry needs a bigger space than a car, and also, that you better park directly against the house door, because every meter means less carrying of the heavy boxes and furniture to the residence.

2. Check on the residence
Walk through every room and check for any scratches, holes and other damages. If there are any, make sure the landlord sees then too, and agrees on the exact state of the residence, before you start moving in. This detail is crucial, if you don't want to get the blame for those damages, and have the deposit returned to you, when one day you move out.  

3. Present the furniture layout plan
All the movers, the hired help plus the volunteers, have to have a copy of the layout plan. Present everyone with a copy, and it's a good idea to hang a copy in every room, so everyone know where everything goes.

4. Name-plates
Put your name-plate on the front door, the doorbell and the postal box. You are about to move in, and every random or not so random passer-by and/or curious neighbour should be aware!

5. Check the water, electricity and connections
Check if there are water, gas, electricity, as well as Internet, cable TV and telephone connections.

6. Check and write down the numbers on the counters
Look the digits on the counters for electricity, water and gas, and writhe those down. Later show them to the landlord. You want to start the new chapter with clean bills instead of paying for something someone has used before, don't you?

7. Organize the assembling of the furniture and the connecting of the electrical appliances.
Make sure this is done by people who know what they are doing. Supply them with the necessary tools, and supervise their job. Pay special attention on how big appliances are connected, and later,  after you are sure, you should try to turn them all on simultaneously. If there isn't a blackout, then everything is connected to the right fuse. If you are not sure, don't experiment and call for a professional technician.

Now you can really move in. Don't hesitate and start unpacking now!