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Key Points to Remember Before a Roommate Moving Day

So, the day has finally come - you are moving out from your apartment!  What are the things that you should be remembering before the final moving out day?  Below are just some of these:
Make sure that you do not owe your landlady or landlord anything.  Everything that you have borrowed from the landlord should be returned few days before your actual moving out.  Create a good impression to the next occupant of the place.  Make sure that you clean your room before you leave.  There are other room owners that make inspection before the boarder gets out of the room.  So, clean it before you leave. Make sure though that when the inspector has finished the ocular thing, all documents are properly signed by you and the landlord to keep you away from any further obligations. Settle your balances days before your actual moving out.  You would not want to be leaving the apartment with unsettled accounts or you might be banned from even entering the place.
Before you even move out, make sure that these key points are well observed and remembered.