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How to Prepare Paper Collections for Shipping

People have always had this passion to collect and keep nice and valuable things. There are so many variants for collections and each one is unique. Every person enjoys different things and expresses these likes or dislikes at he or she gathers things from many parts of the world and from many types. With the time any collection becomes more and more valuable, because there are many items in it that can not be found anywhere else no matter how much money one will offer for it.

  You have often heard for people selling their collections for millions of dollars or euro. And that is very easy to be explained when having in mind the above said.

  The value and the special sentiment each collection owner has for its stuff make every one unique and special when it comes time to move to another place and take the work of your life with you. This is the moment to be most careful and just when you have it all unpacked without any damages you can then take a deep breath and relax.

  Because there are many kinds of collections, it is not possible to be given advices for packing for each. This article will put the focus on transporting any kind of paper collections, such as photographs, stamps, cards and etc.

  Such collections are often not large at all and light in weight. Some of them can be even placed inside an envelope and shipped this way. However if you do not put a special mark or do not use some precautions, you can not be sure that the courier or the moving company will not fold them during the process of the transportation. An envelope, that has to go on a very long distance, will pass from hand to hand, and someone will surely make something wrong, unless you do not pack it in a way, so this will be impossible to happen. The best advice here is to put some piece of cardboard or even plastic that is very hard, even impossible for folding. This will not guarantee you that someone will not try to fold it anyway, but still he or she will find it pretty hard and will probably give it up. Be sure the hard stuff you put inside will not damage the envelope or the collection.

  The biggest enemy of a paper collection will be the water and any kind of humidity. Because the envelope itself is made of paper, it will not be good enough to protect the things inside it. So it will not be a bad thing if you use a plastic bag to put your things in before you use the envelope.

  When you have bought a little bigger envelope then you need make sure you fold it to fit the size of the collection inside.

  In case you do not need to make the shipping so cheap, you can order a cardboard box and put your valuable collection inside. Though the box is steadier to negative conditions, it should not exclude the use of plastic bag for any case.

  As you may have often heard the labeling and addressing is very important part of the preparations you will do for your collection to be shipped. When you are using an envelope for this shipping, you should be very careful. Name it and put all addresses you will need prior to putting the collection inside. Sometimes the markers go through the paper of the envelope and they can damage the item inside it.