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All about Moving Insurance

Although some people may think that moving insurance isn't so important, it's worth its cost for those who have valuable items being transported. A lot can happen in the distance between your house and your new home, and it's better to be sure that all your possessions are covered by moving insurance. What can it do and how does it work? Here are the basics.

* Most moving companies have insurance stated in your contract with them but this is only minimal insurance and will likely cover only a small percentage of the lost or damaged items. Be sure to talk to the moving company agent so that you know exactly how much your moving company can cover before you decide to get additional moving insurance.

* Some moving companies only cover items that their staff packed themselves, so be sure to read everything in your contract with your moving company to make sure that your valuable items can be covered even if you packed them yourself.

* Talk to your moving agent about the limits of the insurance included in their moving services.

* If you have a lot of valuable items that need to be transported, get additional insurance. There are different types of moving insurance available for your needs, select the best one that applies to you.

* Replacement Value Coverage is a type of additional insurance that means that you will get paid the actual value of items damaged or lost. For example, if one of your antiques was damaged whilst transporting, insurance pays you the amount of repair or the cost of the item.

* Basic liability insurance will get you reimbursed per weight of your items. In some areas, basic liability costs .18 to .37 British pounds per pound of weight.

* Assessed or Lump Sum Value is good for items that have high value such as jewelry or antiques. Lump Sum Value insurance can be purchased in increments of about 600 British Pounds.

* Full Value Protection is the most comprehensive type of insurance and covers damaged or lost items and the cost to repair or replace them.

Moving insurance isn't just for the rich or wealthy. It is practical addition to your moving services so that you don't have to worry about lost or damaged items. With the information above, now you can choose the best type of moving insurance for your needs.